Sunday, August 26, 2007

The human whose name is written in the note shall DIE!

Death Note is a 12 volume manga series (11 plus one extra) that has recently been turned into an anime and has a live-action movie that was released in Japan June 17th, 2006.

It's about a high school student by the name of Raito. One day he finds a strange book called Death note. The book reads that if a human's name is written in the Note then that person will die in 40 seconds. At first, Raito didn't believe this, until a few experiments proved him wrong. And also, meeting the Shinigami Ryuk helped him believe in the Note.

After Raito(Light) learns a bit more about the Note he begins to 'Cleanse the World', as he puts it. He kills off all the criminals and gains the nickname 'Kira' in the process. Now he has to cleanse the world, and help the Japanese police force try and capture 'Kira' along side Raito's new suspicious enemy who goes simply by the name, L.

So the Game of hide and seek begins...A must to watch for all anime lovers specially those who want some case solving actions!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Videos in a click!

Bored of surfing the internet reading things and eventually hurting your eyes?
Tired of looking at pictures of your favorite animes?
Need some Actions?

Well those days are over! presenting one of the most visited site on the web not just here in the Philippines but also in the whole world! is the site that publishes your videos, MTV's, and other sorts of things... Oh wait! no porn on this site! yes no porn at all! meaning many could enjoy watching here! I think it has all the things that comes to your mind!(except porn!). There are many funny videos here, some are amazing and is really very interesting to watch, It also has some tutorials in computer, music, drawing and other sorts of things these site is a must to be visited so keep those eyes open and those fingers clicking because this site will surely keep you on your seats!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The new Nokia N91 - N-Series Nokia phone

Introducing the new Nokia N91 - already dubbed as the 'I-Pod Killer'.

This new Nokia handset focuses on mobile music and entertainment - with a massive 4 GB of internal storage you can save up to 3000 of your favourite songs plus with the Nokia N91 you can actually create your own playlists and swap between the music player and other applications and functions by use of a dedicated key.
Also hidden within this new Nokia N-series is an FM visual radio D19 so if you ever possibly get bored with all those downloaded tracks you can simply listen to your favourite radio station and be able to see which artist and song are currently playing.
To upload your CD's to the Nokia N91 you simply drag and drop on your PC using either USB 2.0 or Wi-Fi with Microsoft Media Player 10.
You can even recieve streaming music with videos before you buy.
The 3G Nokia N91 also features standard 3.5 mm jack plug support meaning you can actually plug straight into your home Hi-Fi and other compatible devices and play your music as loud as you like!
Another of the Nokia N91's features is an integrated 2.0 mega pixel digital camera for capturing still pictures and video clips.
Listen, Shoot, Save and Share with the all new Nokia N91 music phone.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Politics+Gaming=RF online!

This MMORPG kicks butt! o yeah, fellow gamers out there this is one of the most known game not only here in the Philippines but also around Asia!

RF online is a 3-D MMORPG that has one of the best image quality! its just like playing final fantasy but here you control only one character. You may choose from 3 different races it may be Bellato(short creatures but very adorable and has mechas that are called as Massive Armored Units to keep other races away), Accretia(heavily armored robots that looks like the anime neon genesis evangelion) and Cora(Tall and gorgeous individuals ^_^ which are pro. in summoning). The gameplay is simple, just level up as usual and gain some points for skills, but thats not all! there is an event called the Chip war which in you must get and protect a certain chip from the other races and put it to the base of your race.
Politics I have said because In a certain race, for example an Accretian, there would be an Archon who will lead in the Chip war and to be an Archon you must be popular and Archons are being voted for in the website in which you have registered to play the game(RF oline)! "There is so much to be learned" thats all i can say right now, this game is truly vast and wide, so I say that you must play this game! Trust me its worth it!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making Girls stick to you!

Sure your girls would stick to your shoulders! This local pocket book is one of the popular here in the Philippines.

True Philippine Ghost Stories is a compilation of ghostly or rather out of the ordinary experiences of different individuals from different cities and provinces here in the Philippines, its full of bone chilling stories that will surely make you dont want to be left alone in a dark place! But its still so interesting to read. It also has some interesting pictures of apparitions caught by the camera, some looks so fake and some are very convincing! Reading it a very good past time activity and will make you forgot all of your problems! I recommend reading it with a couple of girls around (^_^)! But I'm sure it would be a big problem if your the one whose afraid!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friends are just one click away!

Maybe one of the reasons why Filipinos are in to the internet nowadays!

Friendster is an online social network service which aims on connecting people using internet as its medium.
Its so easy to be involved in this online community, all you have to do is log on to then click register or rather sign up to start with the basic instructional forms, and after a couple of minutes you'll probably be starting to make your account look good and share your profiles to other users! (well isnt that nice?! ^_^) now you'll be starting to have new friends both in local and international!
Friendster like My space(another social internet community) can be customized according to your own perspective, meaning you can make your account as good as you like! it only takes some HTML skills and a little creativity, and BEHOLD! your self costumized profile! you can also post shout outs and blogs to share your insights with others! its socializing at its best! For those lonely people begging for friends out there this is the website you should'nt miss!

"Kamikazee" is not just your average japanese word!

Bored of some mellow and some musix that is so full of very emotional meanings?
Then its time to put those CD's aside because here is one of the most influential bands today here in thae Philippines!

Say hello to tha band "Kamikazee". This band is very energetic and will tickle you in their unique sounds! They are from the rock genre that adds very familiar(or rather funny) words and names to their lyrics like the song "Narda" and "Ambisyoso", I find their songs very creative and they manage to keep the Filipino singing their music (coz every time i stroll around and go out it never fails that i will hear one individual singing one of their songs), they also made a duet with the band "Parokya ni Edgar" which is also a famous band here in the Philippines, they sang the song "The order taker" their version of the song "Chopsuey" a song popularized by "System of a Dawn".

Kamikazrr is indeed a very successful band nowadays they dominated both the radio and local music channels here in the Philippines, whenever I hear their songs it always wakes my adrenaline and its like saying that Filipinos have more talents than you can imagine! Its one of the albums that is a MUST to be bought by all rock fanatics out there, I cant wait what they will be up to in their nect albums! ^_^